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21 December 2022

Treasure Island

Long John Silver may be a dastardly villain, but he’s reckoned without the Ladies of the Smuggler’s Cove Women’s Institute! This is Ben’s largest cast pantomime and a madcap, laugh a minute pirate adventure story from start to finish! Review by Noda Society: St Peter PlayersProduction: Treasure IslandDate: 9th December 2023Report By: Judith Watsham Thank you for inviting me to your 2022 Pantomime, a
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29 November 2018

Dick Whittington

The story of Dick & his Cat provides the best animal part of them all – everyone falls in love with Tommy the Cat! This pantomime has real charm as well as plenty of knockabout comedy. There is lots of fun for the Chorus and some brilliant verse for King Rat. Easy to stage but with plenty of opportunity for
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14 December 2016


Charming and very funny. Great comic parts create an ultra rich mix of ludicrous fun – whilst Buttons’ love for Cinderella remains touching and sincere. As always, the Chorus are kept extremely busy. Cinderella Review by Noda Society: St Peter PlayersProduction: CinderellaDate: 15th March 2016Report By: Judith Watsham Thank you for inviting me to report on this year’s panto, Cinderella. 
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12 December 2015

The Snow Queen

One of the most beautiful of all fairy tales, the timeless appeal of The Snow Queen lies in its persuading us that life is truly magical. Andersen’s wonderful language surfaces in Grandma’s description of the Snow Queen—”On winter nights when we are asleep she flies silently through the streets and alleyways. Sometimes she stops to look through a window, and when you
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10 December 2014

Camelot, The Panto

Camelot tells the story of the love between Princess Guinevere and the handsome Prince Arthur. The romance appears doomed to failure when the Princess is kidnapped at the wedding by the evil Morgan Le Fay and her followers Valerin the Vicious and his Mum together with Knight Marlon and Garlon the invisible knight. But the evil kidnappers did not reckon
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21 December 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Ben Crocker has transformed the well-loved story of the spellbound sleeping princess into a very funny traditional pantomime. The wicked fairy Carabosse is mightily miffed when she and her naughty feline accomplice Spindleshanks don’t et an invite to the royal christening. Can brave Fairy Peaceful save Princess Aurora from the death spell and keep her safe for her dream prince?
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15 December 2010


Aladdin Review Society: St Peter PlayersProduction: AladdinDate: 15th December 2010Report By: Frances Chidell, Buckinghamshire Advertiser “A HIT or a miss?” my neighbour asked as we left after the first night. I said a hit. It was good to be back in the colourful, wise-cracking, absurd and magical world of panto. Saturday afternoon was sold out to parents and children, but
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1 December 2006

Jack and the Beanstalk

The folk tale is embellished with fresh touches as the legend of the Sword in the Stone is reflected in Jack’s methods, the Dame has a tremendous fight with the Giant’s evil henchman and the original Vegetable Fairy displays her usual Power for Good (she is frequently overly optimistic and bungles her efforts).
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